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Georg Aulmann
Georg Aulmann


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Im LK Englisch wurden 5 Facharbeiten erstellt.
Eine Auflistung aller Themen und der bearbeitenden SchülerInnen ist auf der Facharbeitsseite zu finden.

Wir über uns

When will we 16 meet again? In thunder, lightening or in rain? When the Abi is done, when the battle is lost and won...
Mit einem lautstarken "Come on guys!" versuchte Herr Aulmann uns Tag ein Tag aus ins Klassenzimmer zu bewegen. Kurze Zeit später ging die Klassenzimmertür meistens noch mal auf und der verschlafene Schüler, der sich mit einem "Sorry, I overslept" entschuldigte wurde sofort entlarvt: "No, You’re not sorry!" Woher Herr Aulmann das nur wusste...? Vielleicht aus dem O-A-L-D? Jedenfalls wurde unser Freund und Helfer sonst für jede Unklarheit aus dem Geheimfach geholt. Dort lag es nämlich zwei Jahre lang in guter Gesellschaft mit einem Stapel Hefte, die Herr Aulmann nach und nach an uns vertickte. Aus dem Geheimfach zauberte er bei Klausuren sogar riesige Mengen Äpfel und Schokolade hervor. Aber auch sonst gab es oft Schokolade oder Kuchen, weil Herr Aulmann uns gerne zu riskanten Wetten herausforderte. Sogar in unserer Freizeit blieben wir von ihm nicht verschont. Wir "mussten" in den Biergarten, nach Weimar, ins Amerikahaus und ins Open Air Theater. The Rest is silence...

P.S.: Ach, da war ja noch was! Englisch haben wir ja nebenbei auch noch gelernt... Wir haben immerhin Werke von Agatha Shakespeare und William Christie gelesen... oder so ähnlich... Außerdem haben wir ja nach 1 ½ Jahren Vorlaufzeit wieder, wie in der 5. Klasse, angefangen Vokabeln zu lernen. Irgendwann ging es auch mal um Grammatik und Linguistik – aber das werden wir wohl nie ganz verstehen...

Hannah & Annika

Aus Sicht der Kursleitung

LK E – The Right to Be Different. A farewell exercise in English-German translation.

Translate the following sentence into good German:
A very mixed group it was, hard to classify, there were smokers, heavy smokers and non-smokers, teeto-tallers and ... no, my memory is deceiving me, Weimar proved it, there were no teetotallers in that bunch, or were there? – but surely lovers of weiss beer and white sausages, some of them with a nice Bavarian-English accent and full of good intentions to start learning English next week; however, it would be a real toughie to tell who of all those males and females, if any, belonged to the weaker sex (the fair sex would be a different matter), because one of them used to come heavily equipped with lots of powerful rings on each finger, enough to knock down any male attacker; not to forget that other brave damsel with a special liking for head-on artistry on a running bike, outperforming, physically, our most promising lady-killer with his graphic past, rich in sex model experience and who sat only at four yards‘ distance of the most innocent-looking and smiling maiden, with that lovely, sometimes overtly timid voice who sadly failed to comply with all the re-quests to knock down the one individual in class who seemed to have a special affinity for cynical or sarcastic remarks, either funny or completely out of place, as the case may be, motivated secretely by his inscrutable neighbour with the enigmatic smile, who seemed to reply to any attempt to ask him something in English with the unspoken words ‘Leave me alone with your nosy questions in that strange language, I know that you can say it in German.’, a reaction which left the person called ‘teacher’ in utter desperation as he was trying, desperate already, to find (in his waste-paper school bag) some of the students’ copies he had been promising to correct for at least half a year, but fortunately, reproaches rarely came in direct speech, but rather from the incredulous looks of one of the more patient ladies who normally used to bear stoically all the hardships of scolastic boredom but, nevertheless, was capable of suddenly leaving the classroom on the mere announcement of a little test, a behaviour which never would have occurred to that very courteous youngster who used to be so proud to have actually arrived at FLG at all, and only half an hour late, owing to those mysterious traffic jams on completely deserted roads, visible exclusively to the eyes of people who get up after seven-fifty and jeopardizing seriously their feeble attempts at being punctual for classes, that were also attended, on rare but regular occasions and more or less silently, by a curly northerner, who never let any-body peek in his private occupations, a thing beyond the bounds of possibility in the case of that other student, who was, and still is, so full of answers that he can hardly wait for the questions to be asked, which way of acting was often counterbalanced by somebody else’s aristocratic silence, broken only for the sake of sporadic interventions in the classroom talk, competent but as scarce as a hen’s teeth, a fact difficult to account for unless we assume some continual osmosis between him and his very peaceful neighbour who could never be blamed for hyperactivity either, leaning comfortably back in his chair or resting his head on the hard table in front of him to demonstrate his deep involvement in matters discussed at the very moment in class, of which one other member (and candidate for officially acknowledged maturity) interrupted, every once in a while, his habitual linguistic docility by answering in German questions put to him in English, presumably in order to demonstrate that the power to defy a teacher had not completely left him during all those years – that’s all for the moment, thank you.

See you in ten years. Bring your kids, I’ll bring my walking stick. (not to be translated)

Georg Aulmann


Der Bericht der Weimar-Fahrt vom 20. bis 23. November 2003.
Einige Fotos der Weimarfahrt im November.
Das sagt Frank über Robert: Doktor Siebeck und Mister Dicht!